About the Art

Kristin BoerRecycling As Art

After living in Amsterdam with my husband and sons for almost 8 years and having a bike as our main mode of transporation, my inspiration began with old bike wheels and sprokets. My latest inspiration has been taking things like broken bike wheels, chains, sprokets, brake disks, as well as metal bowls and tin trays and reusing what would normally end up in the trash and creating functional artwork out of them in the form of clocks. I try to reduce my waste and recycle and reuse as much as possible in my daily life. With 3 little boys, I am always dealing with recreating and recycling old toys, empty boxes, paper rolls and finding new purposes and functions for them. I find it fasinating to look at something that is “junk” or “should be thrown out” and seeing what could be beautiful about it and highlighting it. Reusing, Reducing, and Recycling Art is what I am all about. Find the beauty.